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   Fancy being an armpit sniffer, Mosquito bite victim, sewer diver or marine snot collector? No? We didn’t think so

   Talk about a boring job... Thomas Curwen watches paint dry for a living.

  The Dulux scientist from Twyford, Berks, 34, checks how the colour of matt and emulsion changes over time on walls and under microscopes.


  If you think that sounds a bit dry, just wait. We’ve found there a many worse ways to earn a living around the world...


   Armpit sniffer   嗅腋窝

  Getting a whiff of BO may sound like the pits, but it’s all in a day’s work for Peta Jones.


   She works as a deodorant producer for Unilever in Australia, developing the Dove, Lynx and Impulse brands.A big part of her job is sniffing strangers’ armpits to check her products’ work.


  Peta said: “It was strange at first, but in a week it was fine.”


   Crime-scene cleaners   清理犯罪现场

   CSI may be a morbid hit with TV viewers, but there is nothing entertaining about cleaning up a crime scene after a death.


   Married couple Mike Nestved and Carmen Velazquez, above, clear up after bodies in Orlando, Florida – the worst being one in a hot caravan.

     Carmen said: “There are some things you can’t just Febreze.”


   Crocodile trainer   鳄鱼训练员

   We’ve all worked with snappy colleagues, but putting your head in a crocodile’s mouth should attract danger money.


  Yet trainers at Pattaya Crocodile Farm, Thailand, get just £4 per day for their work. Another stunt involves kissing a giant croc on its nose. Ian Maclean, who filmed the show during a trip to the zoo, said: “One of the performers had his head crushed while locked in the jaws of a croc.”


   Mosquito bite victim   主动让蚊子咬

   Helge Zieler has a job that really sucks – letting himself get bitten by mosquitoes. Working in the Brazilian rainforest, he offered himself as bait so he could study the bugs’ behaviour.  


   But despite once suffering a debilitating bout of malaria, he says: “The beauty of the rainforest far outweighs the thousands of mosquito bites.”


     Pet food taster   品尝宠物食品

   This is not just pet food – this is the ultimate in Marks & Spencer dog and cat cuisine.

   Every dish in the store’s luxury range has been tested by Simon Allison, above.


   He said: “I love my job – but draw the line at swallowing.”


   Simon chews gum after sittings to stop, er, dog breath.


   Sewer diver   下水道潜水员

   We all think our job stinks from time to time, but it really does for Julio Cu Camara.He swims through sewers in Mexico City to clear blockages and repair pipes by hand.


   Julio, below, has notched up 1,400 dives in 30 years – each one lasting up to six hours in 7,500 miles of tunnels.   He has to wear a 6.4 stone helmet and suit to protect him from the human, chemical and animal waste – and its stench.


  Julio has found horses, pigs, guns and “cigarette butts to car parts, furn­iture and fridges. You ask how it got there.”But of one thing he is certain: “The worst thing of all to find is a human.”


   Watching grass grow   看着草生长

   If watching paint dry sounds too exhilarating, you could take a leaf out of Helen Southall’s book.


   The grass expert works at British Seed Houses in Lincoln, where her daily duties include counting out and planting 400 seed samples.Later, she goes through them blade by blade to monitor growth.

   这位草评专家在林肯大学的英国种子会社(British Seed Houses)工作,她的日常职责包括计数和种植400颗种子样本。然后,她开始一片一片叶子监控草地生长。

  Helen said: “People think that it’s strange when I tell them my job is to watch grass grow.

   “But it’s fascinating. I wouldn’t do anything else. It’s so rewarding to see a stretch of perfect grass.”


   Whale snot collector   收集鲸鱼的鼻涕

  “There she blows” may be the traditional cry for whale spotters but marine biologist Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse gives it a new meaning.


   She flies a remote-controlled helicopter fitted with a culture dish through the billows of mucus whales eject from their blowhole, above, then analyses it for viruses and bacteria.


   Karina, from the Zoological Society of London, says: “It can be quite dangerous.”




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